“My passion for drawing and painting has been with me for as long as I can remember. I have always had a need to produce works of art and to create.   Painting is my voice, my vision!

Quality is key for me. No matter what I paint I will never stop working on mastering my craft.  I strive to bring the paint to life, to allow my figures, my subject to emerge from the canvas, stepping out from the stretched linen and into reality.”

Jacqueline Marr

Jacqueline Marr is one of Scotland’s finest figurative contemporary artists, a young master in her field.  Jacqueline predominantly paints the figure in oils, patiently producing a small number of paintings each year, a virtue that benefits her collectors.  Much emphasis is placed on the mastery of her skill and her perfectionist style, which is evident throughout the exquisite detail and every brushstroke of each piece.  Her use of light at times echoes her influence of the old master techniques employed by Caravaggio and Rembrandt famed for their use of chiaroscuro.

Jacqueline exhibits extensively in galleries and art events throughout the UK and Europe, whilst undertaking numerous private and public commissions. Collections include Royal Scottish Academy Archives, Edinburgh, Halifax/Bank of Scotland, The Royal Bank of Scotland and Standard Chartered Bank London and Dubai.  Jacqueline’s artwork has been featured in many publications and on television broadcasts including Grand Designs, Channel 4 in 2006.